About GLD

The Green Leaf Design Group is a green engineering and consulting company focusing on the areas of Green Building & Design, Contracting, and Energy Efficiency. Our firm specializes in the fields of innovative architectural design, energy conservation & efficiency as well as renewable energy for residential and commercial applications.

Eco Design

At the Green Leaf Design Group, our main objective is to build on eco friendly principles, from exterior effects and aesthetics of the structure to the interior spaces. Presented below are some of the popular options with sustainability and eco friendly manufacturing process at the core.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is a direct result of energy conservation. The conservation of energy refers to the reduction of energy by consuming less of an energy service. Though energy conservation reduces the use of energy services, it can result in increased environmental quality, financial capital, and personal financial security.

Garden Roofing

Installation of garden roofing systems over flat and sloped roof areas. Garden roof assembly consists of proven components from the deck up, including the following; waterproofing/roofing membrane, insulation, growing media, and vegetation for simple and extensive applications.

Storm Design

Installation of efficient flow fixtures such as tankless hot water heaters, low flow faucets, and low flow toilet fixtures.To maximize efficiency within the property and reduce the demand of potable water and minimize the production of wastewater.

Lighting Renewable Energy
Eco Friendly Design Plumbing & Storm Design Green Materials & Recycling