About US

The Green Leaf Design Group is a green engineering and consulting company focusing on the areas of Green Building & Design, Contracting, and Energy Efficiency. Our firm specializes in the fields of innovative architectural design, energy conservation & efficiency as well as renewable energy for residential and commercial applications. Green Leaf Design Group contains multiple members certified for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). With green building techniques and innovations in energy efficiency, our services can reduce the utilities to a given property up to 90%, reducing the consumption of energy from fossil fuels which in return reduces your carbon footprint, increases property value, and most importantly drastically reducing your costs for utilities.

With the introduction of new green technologies and energy efficient systems each day, we can not only reduce our current usage of natural resources and green-house gas producing fossil fuels, but will improve our designs and projects as new innovations com available. With the implementation of new innovations for efficiency systems in construction and development, our services can reduce the usage of electricity, potable water, and even create green renewable energy. With each of these aspects along with rapidly renewable and recycled materials, Green Leaf Design Group can design and build a complete eco-friendly development whether it new construction or retrofitting and existing structure.

The Need to Go GREEN

  • Lower Energy Costs
  • Increase Market Value
  • Decrease impact on local natural habitat & environment
  • Increase efficiency / productivity
  • The investment to attain sustainability that will pay for itself and more throughout the lifetime of the product(s).
  • The investment is simple… As a consumer of energy, you will have to pay the money either way.  Would you rather hand the money over to the utility companies which deplete our natural resources & create harmful green house gasses by burning fossil fuels, OR invest the money into your property to give you a greater return.

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