Eco Friendly Design

Eco Friendly Design & Renovation

Whether you are looking to design a space from the ground up or remodel an existing space, GLD can bring a cutting edge modern perspective that will provide you with innovative architectural designs & a one of a kind transformation to give you an incredible new look and the natural feel incorporating the outdoor elements.

Cutting edge designs incorporating an all around modern look with refurbished wood accents.

  • Provides a modern/innovative feel while sourcing materials from recycled & reclaimed woods rather than using new woods which will decrease deforestation & destruction of natural habitats.
  • Reclaimed woods offer many benefits that new woods do not. Including beauty, history, & sustainability.

Health & Wellness

Green Leaf Design building concepts not only promote environmental benefit but also utilizes our building techniques to incorporate health & wellness within the designed area. A space which is designed involving GREEN/HEALTHY conditions have been proven to permit optimal physiological, mental and social performances for the occupants in the space.

Health & Wellness concepts may include; organic/reclaimed materials, indoor air quality, organic vertical gardens, natural lighting (daylighting), and more.

Lighting Renewable Energy
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