ECO Friendly Design

At the Green Leaf Design Group, our main objective is to build on eco friendly principles, from exterior effects and aesthetics of the structure to the interior spaces. Presented below are some of the popular options with sustainability and eco friendly manufacturing process at the core.

Certified Wood from Sustainable Forests

Green Leaf Design uses certified wood from sustainable forests for framing and cabinetry when possible. Using certified wood is one step in improving the depletion of old-growth forests. Approved Certified Wood Sources include; The Sustainable Forest Initiative Program, The American Tree Farm System, and the Forest Stewardship Council.

Recycled, High Performance Insulation

By using insulation made from recycled, sustainable material, Green Leaf Design offers an even greater opportunity for you to cut energy costs while benefitting the environment.

Construction Material Recycling Program

Recycling construction materials helps reduce stress on landfills and preserve our natural resources. The team at Green Leaf Design is committed to recycling on the job.

Water-Conserving Appliances and Fixtures

From energy-efficient, Energy Star® high-performance appliances to water-saving, low-flow faucets, showerhead, and toilets, Green Leaf Design can help you save our natural resources, and your money each and every day.
Lighting Renewable Energy
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